Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Etsy Buys & Sells

How's that for a grammatically horrific title? :D

A couple days ago I received my 1st Etsy purchase in the mail. A OOAK Shoozles pendant! It was a special request even! Look! Isn't it pretty!!
My 1st Shoozles pendant!

I highly highly recommend buying one of Michelle's pendants. They are beautiful! And Michelle is a complete pleasure to do business with. She makes you feel like her one & only customer. What a sweetheart! Her pendants do not look like the 'typical' fused glass. If you've ever been to a craft fair you know what I mean. Not that there is anything wrong with all those look-alike fused glass's just not my cup o'tea. Michelle really has her own special style. It looks a lot like lampwork, without the expensive price tag. In case you missed the link above, here's a more obvious one. Go visit her! :)
Shoozles Etsy Store
Shoozles Flickr Photos

Now, let me show you something I made and listed on Etsy recently.
Whimsical Flower Art Bead Pendant
I am totally bummed out because I can't get a really good picture of it. I know this sounds totally conceited but oh well....this pendant is ADORABLE. You know how some clothes look better on the hanger? Or sometimes they look better on? Well this little cutie looks great on the hanger AND on the body! I just suck as a photographer. :)
Anyway...I'm really excited about this pendant. I want to make a few more, similar but different. But I'm having a hard time NOT using my few precious spare moments playing with the filigree wire and solder. Everything I've made so far sucks...but I still love it! LOL!

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